8. December .2017
Karlsruhe 8/12/2017 - TopWare Interactive is proud to announce the release of an all new, Multiplayer DLC, "Echoes of the Dark Past", bridging the gap between the award-winning Two Worlds II and the latest exciting adventure in Antaloor, Call of the Tenebrae! Available just in time for Christmas. Echoes of the Dark Past is loaded... »
TopWare Interactive and Reality Pump studios have some exciting news! We are pleased to announce that after earning multiple awards and selling over ten million units, Reality Pump Studios has officially begun work on the third part of our blockbuster RPG series, Two Worlds! Two Worlds III is currently in the concept stage and scheduled for... »
Karlsruhe, Germany, 5th April 2012 - TopWare Interactive is presenting a special gift for all the loyal fans and players of Two Worlds 2. A new mutliplayer game mode, including five brand new maps, is now available on http://www.twoworlds2.com. In this new Defense Mode, the old-school gameplay of classic castle-defense games is given... »
9. December .2011
TopWare Interactive today announced the European release of Two Worlds II "Velvet Edition", also known as the Game of the Year Edition, on the Playstation3. Embossed metal corners resembling antiquated brass anchor the signature red velvet game box, which also boasts an engraved Two Worlds II logo, making this release a fantastic... »
TopWare Interactive is releasing the Two Worlds II: Velvet GOTY Edition this October 18th and they are doing so with glamorous class! The TWII: Velvet GOTY Edition not only comes bundled with the sought after expansion Pirates of the Flying Fortress, but is also uniquely designed in a limited collector's box which is wrapped in black velvet... »
TopWare Interactive has released new, beautifully rendered, in-game screenshots that show just how much the expansion has improved the look of the hit RPG franchise It's obvious in these new shots alone, that TopWare and Reality Pump have once again "upped the ante" in this next installment of the Two Worlds franchise.  Including all new... »
The RPG-spectacle continues! With "Pirates of The Flying Fortress", the creators of "Two Worlds II" clear the way for the highly anticipated upgrade for the role playing hit. More than 2.5 million games sold worldwide, numerous awards and a huge fan community are powerful arguments for yet another exciting trip to Antaloor, abducting you... »
"Two Worlds II" expands upon its incredibly successful sales campaign and ventures onto the iOS platforms. TWII Castle Defense lets gamers take control of Gandohar and Rogdor on the go! A free Lite version is available, and the full game will be updated in the coming weeks to expand the gaming world. TWII Castle Defense is a... »
23. December .2010
What do you get when you take the gripping world of Antaloor, throw in a blockbuster storyline, stuff it with action packed gameplay, and pour on innovative and ground breaking systems like Crafting and Magic... and flavor it all with a Gold Upgrade? Voilá - the perfect RPG-Holiday-Treat! The Gold Upgrade provides an immense download package... »
22. December .2010
Mac owners should begin gearing up for an adventure of epic proportions. "Two Worlds II is now accessible to Apple users through TopWare's offering of an exclusive download and serial key to Royal and Premium Edition owners in Europe. The 87 MB download utilizes the core files from the PC version which must be in the disk drive during Mac... »
21. December .2010
Bringing the epic Two Worlds II universe to an iOS platform was no easy task, but soon everyone can experience the gripping world of Antaloor with the hand held and PC, multiplatform hit: "Two Worlds II Castle Defense". Castle Defense requires skill and strategy as it throws players into Gandohar's twisted world. The Dark Lord must defend himself... »
9. December .2010
We're proud to announce that Two Worlds II, the major turnaround sequel of the year, has recently broken the one million unit sales mark in Europe after just three weeks on the store shelves. And, the momentum doesn't appear to be slowing. More than sixty magazines have awarded or reviewed the game as being exceptional, and player feedback has been... »
Hey all gamers out there who want to explore their very own travel route throughout the fantastic world of Antaloor even before the release from "Two Worlds II" can check this out right now! Our development Team Reality Pump has uncovered the official map for Two Worlds with detailed features from the main Islands of Alsorna,Elkronas,Eollas and... »
Thanks to the all-new GRACE game engine, Two Worlds II is designed to allow players with powerful PC users to experience the world of Antaloor in all its glory, but remains accessible too for more mainstream computer systems. Any computer equipped with a 3D capable graphics card, shader 3.0 capabilities, and 512MB of RAM will be fully capable of... »
A new ingame-trailer of the upcoming RPG-Blockbuster "Two Worlds II" lets all fantasy-fans catch for breath. The 1:36 minutes long video is not just showing views of the great cities of Antaloor, like Hatmandor or Nerw Ashos - but also a huge action part. Numerous magic spells to cast, fantastic enemies and special melee-combat-attacks like an... »
Hissing fireballs, rocks whirling through the air, skeletons appearing out of the air ... the magic world of Two Worlds II doesn't leave open any wishes too! The official gaming site presents some new optic candies out of the spell book from now on. You will find four brand new ingame videos with spectacular action in the Pinacotheca! Moreover ,... »
TopWare Interactive is pleased to announce that for the very first time players will be offered the chance to take control of Antaloor's greatest hero and begin exploring the vast countryside of Two Worlds II. Partnered with SouthPeak Games for the duration of the Electronic Entertainment Expo, E3, visitors will be granted access to a number of... »
Pictures say more than a thousand words and when these are moving images this strengthens the effect additionally. This simple wisdom is of course not unknown to Reality Pump this is why the development team have put together a 1:14 minute long spectacular Trailer with many In-game video clips. And since we’ve already heard of the Entrance... »
All people out there using Firefox can look forward to getting a new extra which will create a much more convenient waiting time for "Two Worlds II" in an optical sense. The so called Personas, individually designed backgrounds for your browser, are as from now available with "Two Worlds II" motives. Currently you will be able to have DarPha or... »
All our “Two Worlds II” friends and fans for whom the 2 weeks between Antaloor Posts is too long can now relax! Daily news and info is on the way, because we've set up a brand-new account for "Two Worlds II" on Twitter! And you’ll also find lots of info on our new Facebook site! Twitter and Facebook have all the news about ALL our TopWare... »
Reality Pump's creative department has put together its best designs from the coming RPG hit “Two Worlds II” - and immortalized them in stunning wallpaper! Today we have Rogdor and Dar Pha for you, an Orc warrior and an attractive female assassin. These two charismatic fighters will transform your PC screen into a real eye-catcher - and we'll... »
Despite the massive landscape which spans over 60 square kilometres of rolling grasslands, murky swamps, and sprawling cities, images of the upcoming RPG epic Two Worlds II have only to date only scratched the surface of beautiful world of Antaloor…literally. Deep underground there lie cavernous mines rich with precious Veritas crystals, the... »
In recognition of the manifold CRAFT system featured in Two Worlds II, which grants players the limitless potential to create unique weapons and armor tailored to their specific play-style needs, Topware will be hosting a contest starting today and running through February 28th allowing fans the opportunity to see their very own cloak design... »
The Two Worlds community team has been hard at work over the past few weeks preparing an entirely new catalogue of avatars in anticipation of the release of Two Worlds II later this year. Included in the compilation are exquisitely detailed portraits of several characters central to the events that transpire in TWII including the mysterious... »
First off, a great big "Thank You" to the thousands of fans who took part in our Two Worlds II Advent Calendar Competition! The four main prizewinners with the right answers have now been picked out of the hat... and here they are! The gaming PC (priced at 1,000 US dollars) goes to Jason Gallagher, and the lucky lady with a new PlayStation 3 is... »
18. December .2009
The new RPG universe of “Two Worlds II” is expanding rapidly in Reality Pump's top-secret developer halls. And to help all you fans keep up to date with this rapid progress and provide you with the latest information on gameplay, story, monsters and other important info about the world of Antaloor, our comprehensive game page has now gone... »
13. December .2009
The infamous pirate Ed Teal recently seized control of the internet teaser site from “Two Worlds II” and stole important information which he hid in his shelter in the North of Antaloor. However in the meantime the ransom has being paid and Ed Teal managed to negotiate that not only his pirate crew can participate at the regarding daily... »
1. December .2009
For all visitors to www.twoworlds2.com - from today on, it’s chances galore for everyone! If you visit the site, you'll not only get inside information about the role-playing universe of “Two Worlds II”, you can also win a Gaming PC worth 1.000 US-Dollar! And all you have to do is answer the questions behind the doors in the Two Worlds II... »
9.November .2009
Long ago, the era of peace was shattered in a terrible war between rivaling nations, leaving the land of Antaloor broken and changed. The race of Orphans swore eternal service to the four elements and their deities - Maliel, the Goddess of Air; Throglyn, God of the Earth; Yatholen, God of Water; and Aziraal, God of Fire. Dark magic also grew in... »
It’s time again to return to the world of Antaloor. Fulfill your carnal curiosity by checking out four brand new screens directly from the RPG masterpiece, “Two Worlds II.” The game’s developers, Reality Pump, have created a revolutionary new engine called GRACE, and these screen shots give testimony to the engine’s capabilities. ... »
Show us a role player who isn't familiar with this situation... You're watching your opponent from a safe hideout - but there's a huge battlement right in front of you, and it's blocking your view! How about calling up a flying eye, your magic scout? Sound good, huh? No problem, "Two Worlds II" can deliver! The so-called 'Oculus' is the ethereal... »
“Two Worlds II” starts where other RPGs have to stop... You can see one good example of the painstaking detail that Reality Pump is injecting into the second part of this RPG universe in the current issue of the Antaloor Post, the game's official Info Magazine. If a player learns the relevant skill, he will be able to strip down almost every... »
In the coming winter, the role-playing world of Antaloor will once again open its portals to PC, Mac and Next-Gen consoles. Following the fantastic worldwide sales success of the game’s famous predecessor, TopWare Interactive will once again open a radically new chapter in the fantasy world of Reality Pump. “Two Worlds II” presents a... »
The wonderful world of Antaloor just keeps on growing! The new add-on, “Curse of Souls”, means that there are now four totally new Multiplayer maps with around 40 new quests which will immediately hook you and spirit you away into the fantastic RPG world of “Two Worlds”. One of the new RPG missions involves the player forcing his way into... »
When your hero strides through the streets of Antaloorian villages, towns and cities like the desert metropolis Hatmandor, he'll have many exciting encounters with NPCs. These NPCs could be main questgivers or side questgivers who have an interesting story to tell, crafty merchants trying to hawk their wares, or even perfectly normal inhabitants... »
Sometimes small talk with a game developer can bring some interesting new info to light! We were able to get Mirek, Head of Reality Pump, to actually sit down with us again for a few minutes - and here's the gist of what he told us. The first keyword he used that made our ears perk up was "Cave City" - and we wanted to know more! He wouldn't let us... »
Good news from the House of Reality Pump! The team has almost finished the Character Editor and can now start populating Antaloor with the final NPCs! And one thing is clear from the info we're getting - it's gonna be a multicultural world! On the one hand there's the race of humans. Then there are humans who are part Elf and even part Orc – and... »
Show me a RPG player who's never been annoyed at having to pay high prices for a weapon or other item at an expensive merchant's place - I'll bet you can't! And even if you're a member of the local Guild, your money soon disappears if you're putting together a strong suit of armor! So how about players setting up their own little production sites,... »
Here's the second part of our Q&A session with the Reality Pump boss Mirek Dymek. He speaks about the most beautiful fog ever, balancing acts and acrobatics high in the air and the secrets of Yarmalin, the mysterious home of Dwarves... Are you still working on graphic innovations or have you moved on to gameplay, quests, etc? Even if our... »
An awful lot of you answered our call for questions to Mirek in the last issue of the Antaloor Post... and we sent a selection of these to him. So here are the first answers from the Development Head of Reality Pump! Q. Can you tell us anything up front about the system requirements? A. Like every game at this stage of development, it's very... »
In the last week, we gave you an overview of the new magic system - now we're going to give you all the details on how it works! The magical attributes of your newly created spell are determined by the individual values of the spell cards you use - and these spell cards are in turn sub-divided into two basic groups: The "Base Cards" define the... »
It's a magical start to the New Year as far as Reality Pump is concerned! The team has completely revised the spell system, once again proving the point that the innovations in “Two Worlds – The Temptation” aren't just limited to improved optics - radical changes in gameplay are being made which will make this game even more fascinating!... »
Ok - thanks to all the screenshots and artwork we've seen, we all know that "The Temptation" has an external world that's fascinating and is full of tremendous detail, including the exteriors of the houses, castles and other buildings... but what about the interiors of these structures, eh? Well, I can now reveal to you that the developers have... »
23. December .2008
The teams of ZUXXEZ Entertainment and Reality Pump are wishing you and your family a merry Christmas and a happy new year! Eventful twelve months, full of excitement and change, are drawing to a close. And after a few relaxing days we're going full steam ahead! With "X-Blades" and "Two Worlds - The Temptation" we have two awesome hits in the... »
19. December .2008
The Reality Pump developer team has given a great Christmas gift to all RPG fans – landscape pictures from the role-playing world of Antaloor! The fantastic screenshots provide an imposing insight into the unbelievably realistic world in which the new adventure of “Two Worlds – The Temptation” will take place. With impressive lighting... »
15. December .2008
Last week, I gave you some insider info about the game intro of “The Temptation” and the terrible slaughter at Oswaroth. Now I can let you in on how the story continues 5 years later... and here it is: Gandohar is at the height of his power. The new Emperor in Oswaroth rules over Antaloor with a hand of iron. Only a few brave souls dare to... »
8. December .2008
Long live Gandohar? Has the Reality Pump team gone crazy? Nope, they’re all still sane, I promise you! The developers of “The Temptation” have leaked some details about the top-secret story of the hotly-awaited RPG - in the form of a Storyboard for the Game Intro – and the image-packed Intro shows the player what happened 5 years ago.... »
1. December .2008
Worlds like “the “Two Worlds” universe of Antaloor depend on a really realistic atmosphere that players can truly soak up! Depending on the region, various different light and atmospheric effects must give the player a realistic impression of warmth, cold and impending danger. Dark cave entrances, complex swamp areas or action-packed battles... »
23.November .2008
A brand new interview with the boss of RP, Mirek Dymek, reveals interesting details about the completely new designs of the dungeons and caves. What kind of technical innovations have you implemented into the “The Temptation”? We were determined to create a realistic AND a fantastic atmosphere. So we used Parallax Mapping everywhere in... »
17.November .2008
The new dungeon and cave system from “The Temptation” gives Antaloor a true sense of depth (pardon the pun). In addition to the top-to-bottom improvement of graphics and diversification, this time Reality Pump has also made sure that certain sections of the underworld have received super enhancements. This makes it more appealing for players to... »
10.November .2008
We recently took Reality Pump on their offer to take a trip into a new region in Antaloor - and even chance a few nervous steps into the fantastic swamp! And I can tell you this, folks, it was a truly realistic and unbelievable experience - we even got our virtual feet wet! The results of Reality Pump's extensive technical development, together... »
Mobility is a big issue in "The Temptation"! Your hero can now use ladders and projections on walls to climb up buildings and scramble over rooftops using beams and small catwalk platforms. Up until now, these movements have been carried out in an upright walking position - but the developers have recently programmed a couple of new movements,... »
The Reality Pump team has lots of new innovations in the implementation pipeline - but those 'genial geniuses' are also working hard on the fine adjustments that can make an RPG game perfect - and that includes character enhancing, since the true core of the RPG is character development. Just as they did in "Two Worlds", the RP team is really... »
A couple of days ago, I called Miroslaw Dymek, the Reality Pump boss - and he took the time to tell me about what's going on in the development department out there - and all about the new altars I told you about in Antaloor Post Number 40! Hi Mirek, the "Two Worlds" fans are desperate to know all the latest news about "The Temptation"... can... »
A naked monster isn't half as impressive as a creature in full "battle dress". The Reality Pump developers are aware of this... and have designed several darn impressive pieces of equipment - and not only for human NPC's but also for numerous types of monster. The best example of this is the demon I'm showing you here today - and it's got lots of... »
Besides the trade-strategic feature, the new Multiplayer mode of "The Temptation" also has a game feature that will remind you of "The Sims"! Your village will be populated by widely differing residents, depending on the buildings you put up. If you build a smithy (blacksmith's forge), for example, you'll actually see the blacksmith and his family... »
The entirely revised multiplayer mode of "Two Worlds - The Temptation" is more complex than ever and gives the player the chance to found his own village! Miroslaw Dymek, the CEO of Reality Pump, has now given us some more inside info on this... and it's hot! In the construction stage, you can expand your village by putting up new houses - and... »
At the Games Convention in Leipzig, the developers presented a new version of "The Temptation" to us - and we soon saw that they'd integrated some radical changes into the combat system. And wow... you're gonna have some fun with these! Here’s an example - a Scapulari, familiar to those of you who play Part 1, raises his blade in the air and... »
During the Games Convention, the developers from Reality Pump were also on the stage of Games TV. They gave the inside story on the latest from the "Two Worlds – The Temptation" development scene. A few surprise guests also turned up in the form of some characters from the new game! Of course you can also see some examples of ingame material...... »
At the 2008 Games Convention in Leipzig, RPG fans surrounded the PC screens, queuing up to play some maps of "Two Worlds - The Temptation" - AND they also met several characters from the new story - person-to-monster! A professional troop of actors in tremendously lifelike masks and costumes presented game fantasy pure - the cast included the "Dark... »
Mirek Dymek, the CEO of Reality Pump, reveals some interesting info on "The Temptation" in a telephone interview and gives all fans the latest news on development of the highly anticipated sequel to the RPG hit "Two Worlds". Q. - Hi Mirek, what's been happening this week? A. Oh, we all took it easy and enjoyed the warm Polish sunshine in... »
An epic fantasy RPG like “Two Worlds: The Temptation” is especially dependent on a truly atmospheric presentation - so the developers at Reality Pump also attach a lot of importance to the lavish background music which accompanies the onscreen events. As in “The Temptation's” predecessor, a well-known composer will be hired to guarantee... »
To create an authentic gameworld, one which can react realistically and comprehensibly to the acts of the player is of paramount importance for the developers of "The Temptation". The efficient physics engine enables the player to move and manipulate small objects – a fascinating feature which can prove very useful during combat, by the way! If... »
In our interview Miroslaw Dymek, the boss of Reality Pump, explains how the improved Artificial Intelligence works in "The Temptation." Hi Mirek. So, thanks to your enhanced AI, the NPCs are now capable of complex and authentic acts? Tell me, how does this new system work, exactly? OK, first off, the basic actions and reactions of the NPCs... »
To provide you players with a unique game experience in "The Temptation", the developers from Reality Pump have not only blazed new trails in the gameplay, graphics and physics segments - they're also working their socks off to stretch the AI development envelope. The prime objective of the programmers is the simulation of a world that's as... »
To provide the main character with as natural a motion as possible, the Reality Pump developers have programmed a completely new animation engine. Instead of having the usual stiff, inflexible set of pre-planned movements, different animation poses that flow into one another will be used in the "The Temptation" - and the engine is capable of laying... »
Thanks to all the enhancements in “The Temptation” graphics and AI, Antaloor feels more authentic and realistic than ever before! To make the player feel as if he's actually in a real world, you have to master a complicated simulation of physical processes, and that’s why the developers at Reality Pump have spent a lot of time and effort with... »
A virtual game world is only as lifelike as the NPCs, monsters and animals that populate it - like the blacksmith pictured in our exclusive artwork - he’s one of many different secondary characters who fill the game world of "The Temptation" to overflowing with vibrant life. Starting with a hand-drawn sketch, the character model goes through... »
Maybe you'd like to watch fiery red sunsets in Tharbakin, or spend a few hazy afternoons at the tomb of the King - or even take in the star-filled heavens around Ashos? The range of daytime environments in Antaloor was really eye-catching in "Two Worlds" - but the developers haven't been sitting on their nether regions, taking it easy – no sir!... »
What would a fantasy world like Antaloor be like without its mystical and (above all) visually breathtaking locations? Right! The salt in the soup would be missing! That's why the makers of "The Temptation" have really got down to the task, working on some powerfully creative projects - just to make you players happy! ZUXXEZ proudly presents the... »
The desert city of Hatmandor has recently become a training ground for military troops! No, I don't mean that the city's winding alleyways are full of marching soldiers - I'm talking about the 'behavior' of the various "troops" who are all over the city - merchants, thieves, soldiers and even passers-by have all received special AI systems - and... »
Gamers who bought the Game-of-the-Year edition of "Two Worlds" (available in the European shops for 29.99 Euro since the beginning of April) were thrilled with the brand new PC multiplayer add-on for the RPG - and now they can download the new adventures in Antaloor from the first of May - for free on http://taintedblood.2-worlds.com Players... »
We received so many requests from you about this, we just had to do something... and the new Antaloor Post column goes online today! The archive contains every AP issue ever published online – and in future you’ll also find the newest issues here too. But - if you just can’t wait until it appears on the site,just register for your own... »
SouthPeak Games and ZUXXEZ Entertainment have announced that Curse of Souls, the highly anticipated second set of downloadable content for their open world role-playing game Two Worlds, is now available via Xbox LIVE® Marketplace. Rated M for Mature, the content pack expands the online multiplayer world of Antaloor with new maps and weapons, and... »
SouthPeak Games and ZUXXEZ Entertainment today announced that it will be releasing a sequel to its popular open world role-playing game, Two Worlds. Entitled “Two Worlds: The Temptation”, the game is slated to be available on Xbox 360® and Windows PC this fall. Taking place shortly after the events portrayed in the first Two Worlds, The... »
SouthPeak Games and ZUXXEZ Entertainment today announced that the first of two downloadable content expansions for their role-playing game, Two Worlds, is now available via Xbox LIVE® Marketplace. The pack, which significantly expands the online multiplayer experience, is rated M for Mature and is available now for 600 Microsoft points. ... »
Players will be hoisting their sails to explore distant islands! The new region has a huge bay with a multitude of islands and when the relevant skill is learned, the player can get into a boat and steer it to a desired destination. The direction of travel is set using the tiller at the stern, just like a real sailboat, but you'll have to watch... »
The first of two downloadable content expansions for "Two Worlds" is available from mid of March via Xbox LIVE® Marketplace. The pack, which significantly expands the online multiplayer experience, is rated M for Mature and is available now for 600 Microsoft points. Over 35 new quests await those who download the expansion, as well as an... »
21. December .2007
The "Two Worlds" universe is now even more interactive. Together with the upcoming sequel "The Temptation", a new gameplay feature has been developed that will enable the player to influence his environment even more! He can now use chests, barrels and other items to defeat his opponents or to reach higher ground - and as far as the vertical is... »
10. December .2007
The official “Two Worlds” magazine is available for a short time now. The “Antaloor Post” is published weekly and informs as well about the released game as the upcoming add-on “The Temptation”. To get the newest issues directly into your email account just subscribe the newsletter on the right side! ... »
28.November .2007
Head for a new horizon! With the sequel, “Two Worlds – The Temptation”, the “Two Worlds” universe continues to grow, introducing new game content, extended gameplay and providing you with the answers to many questions and mysteries which arose in the main story! The developers are focusing on a blend of the proven and the new: besides... »
19.November .2007
The “Two Worlds” developers are sheer perfectionists – they’re still working on fine-tuning their current RPG megahit – and another result of these Herculean efforts will soon be available in the form of Update 1.6, a package that’s chock-full of enhancements. This time they focused on the Multiplayer mode - the lag problems have now... »
the PC version of “Two Worlds” has already stormed to the top of the charts – and now this world-class RPG will have its console premier on the 29th August – on the Xbox 360™ video game and entertainment system from Microsoft®. This version has all the advantages of the numerous enhancements which the developers have programmed for... »
Sometimes it's classically glorious, at other times it rocks unashamedly, then it slips gently into a folksy vein - the “Two Worlds” music will captivate you with exciting sounds in a truly wide range of styles. Want to experience this for yourself? Well, the good news is that the official “Two Worlds” album will soon be available!... »
Anyone who wants a first-hand impression of what the RPG “Two Worlds” is all about can really look forward to the 21st of August. Right on time for the Games Convention, an 1,3 GB big demo will be available here and on various partner sites. The demo will enable gamers to freely explore a large part of Northern Antaloor and solve various... »
After paying close attention to dedicated fans, the Two Worlds development team at Reality Pump have been hard at work preparing the official 1.4 update for Topware's epic free-roaming RPG. A huge number of suggestions, proposals and requests from Two World's steadily-growing fanbase have been incorporated into the 1.4 file, which marks a... »
The update 1.3 is available in 3 versions in the support section under Updates!... »
The update 1.2 is available in 2 versions (from v1.1 to v1.2 with 7,93MB and from v1.0 to 1.2 with 80,8MB) in the support section under Updates! It fixes the problems with the Radeon card of the 9xxx series.... »
Today starts the offical sale of Two Worlds in Germany.... »
The 75,9MB large update 1.1 is availabe for download under Support - Updates!... »
The console version of "Two Worlds" will unfortunately not be in the stores with the PC version on the 9th of May. As yet, no new release date has been announced. Unfortunately, the reasons for this delay cannot at this time be given by the publishers. Internal development of the console version ran like clockwork and final product quality... »
32 square kilometres, varying climate regions, six large towns, a multitude of villages and countless caves and dungeons - plus a tight network of roads... Antaloor has lots to offer you! To help you with your orientation in Antaloor, the developers are giving you a sophisticated map, with 3D landscape models and comprehensive special information.... »
The royal capital Cathalon and the port town of Ashos are the bustling centers of civilization in Antaloor. With truly colorful potpourris of guards, merchants, thieves, soldiers, respectable citizens and more, a lively atmosphere in these towns is guaranteed! There are nevertheless great differences between these two locations - Cathalon, the... »
To help you eliminate your enemies and solve quests, “Two Worlds” has more than just the “hit 'em hard” method... there is another way - it’s called the sneak mode! Slither up to an adversary and send him into permanent oblivion with one accurate knife thrust... or, if the bloodlust's not upon you, just pick his pocket and find... »
As of today, "Two Worlds" is actually giving you a few glimpses of its gigantic game universe! There are five new screenshots to be marveled at! This time our journey in Antaloor takes us to the east of that magical land. Impressions of the hellish heat of the Drak’ar desert and the war-torn lands around the ruined city of Oswaroh make it... »
Thanks to the Alchemy System in "Two Worlds", players can now let their talent for experimenting run free and wild - magical elixirs, poisoned traps, shrapnel bombs, magical power-ups for weapons, you name it, anything goes... and it's all oh-so-easy too! Just drag-and-drop your selected ingredients from the inventory to the cooking pot! All... »
The good things in life are best shared with friends! The "Two Worlds" developers have also taken this to heart - and added a fantastically varied MMORPG mode to their new game! Players can now oppose one another or join forces in Antaloor as Arena or RPG characters! You will finde more information here ... »
"Two Worlds" fans in Europe must be patient for a few weeks longer than originally planned before starting to explore the enormous world of Antaloor. The release date has been put back to May the 9th 2007. CEO Alexandra Constandache: "It's the atmosphere of a game that really suffers if the balancing isn't quite perfect or if annoying bugs make... »
Magic is as much a part of RPG's as a gamepad is of a game console and the “Two Worlds” developers have really gone to town on this aspect of the game – they have integrated the effects of magic spells into the card system that we told you about recently. These magic cards can be found and bought everywhere in Antaloor - or given as a... »
22. December .2006
A real flood of pictures and information awaits you at the www.2-worlds.com site during the Christmas vacation period. From today, you can view four new screen shots, one panorama shot and get inside information from the new Encyclopaedia sections on monsters, geography and races. Take its monsters, for example – on the Internet site you can... »