TWII: There’s screenshots on the horizon!
+++ Deeper look into the expansion "Pirates of the Flying Fortress"
As the launch date closes in, Pirates of the Flying Fortress is showing more and more of its shine and polish. Debuted at the recent E3 in Los Angeles,the expansion has received an immense amount of positive feedback from the gaming community and the reason is obvious. An expansion that was truly made for fans, these brand newscreens are worth a thousand words, all of which circle the subject of "look how far we have come". Reality Pump has really pulled out all of the stops with Pirates of the Flying Fortress. Revamping the engine, adding tons of new changes including dialogue animations and all new voice over talent, as well as the goodies that come naturally with an expansion like equipment and environments, a plethora of side quests and a main story arc that will shake even the most veteran of gamers to their core. Check out these new screenshots for yourself and visit the official site.