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    « If you enjoy open-world RPGs with real-time action-based combat, it's definitely worth considering a purchase of the Velvet edition once it's released.
  • GamingLives - 9/10 (English)
    « Two Worlds II is, in a nutshell, everything that Two Worlds could only ever have dreamed of being. I`ve been treated to over forty hours of enjoyable role playing action so far and there`s clearly still so much more to go...
  • GameShard - 9/10 (English)
    « Reality Pump has improved on its original attempt many times over, and has crafted an original, engrossing, and rewarding RPG, one that should appeal to both fans of the genre and newcomers alike.
  • TwoWorldsVault - Comparison (English)
    « There is no overall score, as this should only be treated as a guide for those who found TW1 lacking or actually fun and want to check out how the new game fares in this particular context.
  • RPGItalia - 91% (English)
    « Two Worlds 2 is the real surprise of this fall. Reality Pump worked hard and created a fantasy world alive and capable of involving the player. In short, this is a must for every fan of the action RPGs genre.
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